What has been the average return on Equities in India?

Since 1990 till date, Indian stock market has returned about 17% to
investors on an average in terms of increase in share prices or capital
appreciation annually. Besides that on average stocks have paid 1.5%
dividend annually.Dividend is a percentage of the face value of a share that
a company returns to its shareholders from its annual profits.  Compared to

How can one acquire equity shares? 

You may subscribe to issues made by corporates in the primary market. In the primary market, resources are mobilised by the  corporates through fresh public issues (IPOs) or through private placements. Alternately, you may purchase shares from the  secondary market. To buy and sell securities you should approach a SEBI registered trading member (broker) of a recognized  stock exchange.

most other forms of investments, investing in equity  shares offers the highest rate of return, if invested over a longer  duration. 




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