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Trading Position

CLEARING MECHANISM The clearing Mechanism essentially involves working out open positions and obligations of clearing (Self clearing/trading-cum-clearing/professional clearing) members. This position is considered for exposure and daily margin purposes. The open positions of CMs are arrived at by aggregating the open positions of all the TMs and al l custodial participants clearing through him, in contracts in which they have traded. A TMs open

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Trades in the Futures And Options

CLEARING BANKS Funds Settlement takes place through clearing Banks. For the purpose of settlement all clearing members are required to open a separate ban k account with NSCCL designated clearing bank for Futures and Options segment. The clearing and settlement process comprises of the following three main activities. CLEARING SETTLEMENT RISK MANAGEMENT. TABLE 1: PROPRIETARY POSITION OF TRADING MEMBER MADANBHAI ON DAY 1. Trading

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National Securities Clearing

CLEARING AND SETTLEMENT National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited (NSCCL) undertakes clearing and settlement of all trades executed on the Futures and Options Segment of the NSE. It also acts as legal counter party to all trades on the Futures and Options segment and guarantees their financial settlement. CLEARING ENTITIES Clearing and Settlement activities in the F&O segment are undertaken by NSCCL with the help

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