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Market Movement

The J-Hook Pattern    The J-Hook Pattern is another example of being alerted when a gap up could occur. The J-Hook Pattern occurs after a trend has had a fairly strong run up. It backs off for a period, most likely profit taking. The stochastics do not get back down to oversold, they start leveling out and curl back up near the 50 area.

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Future & Options Market

THE TRADER WORKSTATION MARKET WATCH WINDOW: The following windows are displayed on the Trader Workstation Screen. TITLE BAR TICKER WINDOW OF FUTURES & OPTIONS MARKET TICKER WINDOW OF UNDERLYING (CAPITAL) MARKET TOOL BAR MARKET WATCH WINDOW INQUIRY WINDOW SNAP QUOTE ORDER/TRADE WINDOW SYSTEM MESSAGE WINDOW As mentioned earlier, the best way to familiarize oneself with the screen and its various segments is to actually spend

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NRI Invester

OPPORTUNITY Best chance for foreign investors to invest in Indian market and to earn huge profits in very short time. Moneymantra is here to provide the latest updates and best tips to its potential customers so that they can earn much more then there imagination that to with minimal risk. Moneymantra is one of the leading tip’s provider in India. We have a specialized

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Daily Market Outlook: 24 April 2009

Daily Market Outlook: 24 April 2009 It started as a gloomy day for the Indian equity markets but eventually turned out to be a bright one as markets recovered towards the close of trading session. With US markets tumbling yesterday, Asian markets opened on a cautious note and India was not an exception and entered the red zone after few minutes of trading. There was strong resistance at the

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What is the function of Securities Market?

Securities Markets is a place where buyers and sellers of securities can enter into transactions to purchase and sell shares,  bonds, debentures etc.  Further, it performs an important role of enabling corporates, entrepreneurs  to raise resources for  their companies and business ventures through public issues. Transfer of resources from those having idle resources (investors)  to others who have a need for them (corporates) is

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Who regulates the Securities Market, Why does Securities Market need Regulators?

he responsibility for regulating the securities market is shared by  Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Department of  Company Affairs  (DCA), Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).   The absence of conditions of perfect competition in the securities market makes the role of the Regulator extremely important.  The regulator ensures that the market participants behave in a desired

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What is SEBI and what is its role?

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the regulatory  authority in India established under Section 3 of SEBI Act,  1992. SEBI Act, 1992 provides for establishment of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) with statutory powers for (a)  protecting the interests of investors in securities (b) promoting the development of the securities market and (c) regulating the  securities market. Its regulatory

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Who are the participants in the Securities Market?

The securities market essentially has three categories of participants,  namely, the issuers of securities, investors  in securities  and the intermediaries, such as merchant bankers, brokers etc. While the corporates and government raise resources from the  securities market to meet their obligations, it is households that invest their savings in the securities market.     Get Live Intraday BTST Short Term Research Call on Mobile

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What are the segments of Securities Market?

The securities market has two interdependent segments: the primary (new issues) market and the secondary market. The  primary market provides the channel for sale of new securities while the secondary market deals in securities previously issued.     Get Live Intraday BTST Short Term Research Call on Mobile , Yahoo , Chat : visit: www.moneymantrastock.com   for Commodity Research call Visit : www.thecommodityline.com