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What are various Short-term financial options available for investment?

Broadly speaking, savings bank account, money market/liquid funds and fixed deposits with banks may be considered as short-term financial  investment options: Savings Bank Account is often the first banking product people use, which  offers low interest (4%-5% p.a.), making them only  marginally better than fixed deposits. Money Market or Liquid Fundsare a specialized form of mutual funds that invest in extremely short-term fixed income instruments and

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What is the work of a Stock Broker ?

A stock broker is a person or a firm that trades on its clients behalf, you tell them what you want to invest in and they will issue the buy or sell order. Some stock brokers also give out financial advice that you a charged for. It wasn’t too long ago and investing was very expensive because you had to go through a full

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Equity trading

What is equity trading? It is simply buying and selling of equities. However, unlike other commodities, equities are not traded everywhere, and are traded only in special market places called exchanges.

When to start Investing?

As soon as one starts investing it is better. Early investing allow the investable amount to grow with more time , and the benefit of compounding increases the return, by accumulating the principal and the interest or dividend earned on it, year after year. There are three important rules for all investors: Invest early Invest regularly Invest for long term and not short term

Day Trading rules

1.    Intraday rule : These recommendations are for intraday trading only – do not carry the positions overnight. 2.    5-minute rule : When the trigger condition is fulfilled, wait for 5 minutes, confirm that the trigger condition continues to be fulfilled and then take the advised action. Do not fear that you will lose the best entry price – more often than not, you

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