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Profit Trading

Kicker Signals    The Kicker Signal is one of the most powerful Candlestick signals. This is due to the signal having a gap built into it. In some cases the gap is very obvious. In other cases the gap is not always recognized by investors.   As described in Mr. Bigalow’s book “Profitable Candlestick Trading”, the Kicker Signal dramatically illustrates investor sentiment has changed.

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Investment Strategy

San-Ku  – Three Gaps Up    As mentioned in Japanese candlestick analys is, the num ber three plays a very relevant part of the investment doctrine. Many of the  signals and formations consist of a group of three individual signals. It has becom e a  deeply rooted num ber for the Japanese investment com munity whether applied to Ca ndlestick analysis or not. This

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Selling Gaps

Now turn the tables over.  The same enthusiasm demonstrated by a gap to the upside is  just as pertinent for sellers on the downside. A gap down illustrates the desire for investors to get out of a stock very quickly.  Identifying clear Candlestick “sell” signals prepares the investor for potential reversals. The Doji at the top, Dark Clouds, Bearish Engulfing patterns are obvious signals

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Gaps At The Top Of A Trend

A gap that occurs well after the beginning of a trend reversal, where stochastic are still in the midrange of an uptrend, has different implications. How do you distinguish whether a gap is a potential measuring gap? Evaluate where the stochastic are in the trend. If they are still relatively low, the trend has more room to create another gap before getting to the

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Gaps at the Bottom

Figure 5 – Standard Pacific Corp.  Many investors are afraid to buy after a gap up. The rationale being that they don’t like paying up for a stock that may have already moved 3%, 5%, 10% already that day. Witnessing a Candlestick “buy” signal prior to the gap up provides a basis for aggressively buying the stock. If it is at the bottom of

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Standard Deviations

In this example Microsoft is charted using 20 day Bollinger bands at 2 standard deviations. Contracting bands warn that the market is about to trend: the bands first converge into a narrow neck, followed by a sharp price movement. The first breakout is often a false move, preceding a strong trend in the opposite direction. A contracting range [C] is evident in June 1998:

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The Trading System

ENTITIES IN THE TRADING SYSTEM There are four entities in the trading system. Trading Members, Clearing Members, Professional Clearing Members and Participants. 1. TRADING MEMBERS: Trading Members are members of NSE. They can trade either on their own account or on behalf of their clients including participants. The exchange assigns a trading members ID., to each trading member. Each trading member can have more

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Index Derivatives

 INDEX DERIVATIVES Index derivatives are derivative contracts which have the index as the underlying. The most popular index derivatives contracts the world over are index futures and index options. NSE’s market index, the S&P CNX NIFTY was scientifically designed to enable the launch of index based products like index derivatives and index funds. The first derivative contract to be traded on NSE’s market was

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Is it necessary to transact through an intermediary?

It is advisable to conduct transactions through an intermediary. For example you need to transact through a trading member of  a stock exchange if you intend to buy or sell any security on stock exchanges. You need to maintain an account with a  depository if you intend to hold securities in demat form. You need to deposit money with a banker to an issue

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What are the segments of Securities Market?

The securities market has two interdependent segments: the primary (new issues) market and the secondary market. The  primary market provides the channel for sale of new securities while the secondary market deals in securities previously issued.     Get Live Intraday BTST Short Term Research Call on Mobile , Yahoo , Chat : visit: www.moneymantrastock.com   for Commodity Research call Visit : www.thecommodityline.com