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Index Futures

FUTURES AND OPTIONS MARKET INSTRUMENTS The Futures and Options segment of NSE provides trading facilities for the following derivative instruments. INDEX BASED FUTURES INDEX BASED OPTIONS INDIVIDUAL STOCK OPTIONS INDIVIDUAL STOCK FUTURES CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONS FOR INDEX FUTURES NSE trades Nifty, CNX IT, and Bank Nifty futures contracts having one month, two month and three month expiry cycles. All contracts expire on the last Thursday

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The S&P Cnx Nifty

The S&P CNX Nifty is an market capitalisation index based upon solid economic research. It was designed not only as a barometer of market movement but also to be a foundation of the new world of financial products based on the index like index futures, index options and index funds. A Trillion calculations were expended to evolve the rules inside the S&P CNX Nifty.

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Chapter Two Market Index

CHAPTER TWO MARKET INDEX To understand the use and Function of the Index derivatives Markets, it is necessary to understand the underlying index. In the following Section, we take a look at index related issues. Traditionally, indexes have been used as information sources. By looking at an index, we know how the market is faring. In recent years, indexes have come to the forefront

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