Learn Magical Chart Patterns

This module is suitable for traders who want to take intraday or swing trades in options, by doing their own analysis.

Following aspects would be covered in the training:

  • Basics of Options revised
  • Myths in Option trading
  • How to price Options (Converting a view in to an option’s trade)
  • Strategies work better
  • Smart Option trader guidelines

Note – A derivative trader trades in the derivatives segment. Derivatives are contracts between two or more parties, whose price is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. Its value is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset. In India, the most common underlying assets include stocks and market indices. Most derivatives are characterized by high leverage. They are generally used as an instrument to hedge risk, but can also be used for speculative purposes.

An option contract is nothing but a RIGHT to buy or sell an underlying asset at a pre-decided date and time.


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