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Investment Strategy

San-Ku  – Three Gaps Up    As mentioned in Japanese candlestick analys is, the num ber three plays a very relevant part of the investment doctrine. Many of the  signals and formations consist of a group of three individual signals. It has becom e a  deeply rooted num ber for the Japanese investment com munity whether applied to Ca ndlestick analysis or not. This

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Gaps At The Top Of A Trend

A gap that occurs well after the beginning of a trend reversal, where stochastic are still in the midrange of an uptrend, has different implications. How do you distinguish whether a gap is a potential measuring gap? Evaluate where the stochastic are in the trend. If they are still relatively low, the trend has more room to create another gap before getting to the

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Traders And Investors

SOME STRATEGIES FOR WRITING COVERED CALLS STRATEGY 1       This is the strategy that works best in India since options of fundamentally strong stocks continue to have some time premium left till the last day. You should write at-the-money calls since these give the maximum premium inflow. It is critical, however, that once covered call writing is accepted as a strategy, nse india,  traders should write calls

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